Welcome to Mosers Foods online store!


We aim to provide our customers the products that have been ordered within the pickup window selected when placing an order.  However, we cannot guarantee that all goods will be available.  We, Moser's, will not be liable for pickup outside of the requested pickup slot nor liable for failing to make available for pickup all or any of the goods in the order.

1. Is there a minimum online order for Pickup?
A. Yes, at this time the minimum order amount is $30.

2. Does my store offer delivery?
A. No. Moser's only offers Pickup at this time.

3. Is there a Pickup Fee?
A. Yes. The standard Pickup Fee for Moser's AOG is $4.95 per order.

4. Are additional fees charged for BULK orders?
A. BULK orders or those orders that total greater than $350 are subject to additional handling charges.  The customer would be notified by phone regarding availability of product as well as the additional fees.


We accept all major four credit cards (Visa, Master Discover, and Amex).

1. What methods of payment are accepted?
A. Credit and Debit Cards Only. The correct Card Holder Name, billing address, and Zip Code registered with the credit or debit card is required.

2: When will my credit card be charged?
A: We pre-authorize or place a “provisional hold” on your card when you checkout online at our website. We temporarily authorize your card for the higher of $10 or 20% in addition to the item total. This additional amount will cover things like bottle deposits, final sales tax, substituted items, and any weighted items like meat and produce, whose value is not known until the order is selected. As soon as your order is picked and packed, we charge your card for exactly what was in the final order. For our online orders, the final charge typically varies from your estimated total due to variable weight items, in-store promotions, and substitutions or out-of-stock items.